Martin Dreadnought Guitar 

The name of the Martin D-type guitar comes from the world’s largest battleship made in the UK, the Dreadnought “Invinsible” battleship. Martin Guitar Head C.F. Martin IV is the birth of the Dreadnought guitar and the great contributions that D-type guitars have created over the past 100 years. He wrote a letter personally, remembering the passionate era of the D-type guitar and the pioneers of the inspired Martin guitar. “I am very proud of the fact that the Martin Dreadnought is probably the most copied shape of guitar on earth.”

In 1906, this Dreadnought battleship (Dreadnought Ship) was officially launched, and it shouldered the British mission of showing the world that it would not fall to the Empire. At that time, many countries wanted to challenge the British hegemony. For example, Japan created a very large warship and defeated the Russians in the dispute over the Korean peninsula around the Pacific Ocean; Italians and Germans are also interested in building a larger warship, so the British feel that it is necessary for them to remind you who is the real hegemon at sea.

Martin D222 guitar

Shortly after the design was formed, they completed the manufacturing in about two to three months. After the ship was officially launched in 1906, no matter where he went to the world, he was invincible. All the people who have made shipbuilding crafts and maritime defenses are shocked, it’s incredible! However, for the British, its overly individual technical content has made the fleet’s other warships worthless, just as it has made other fleets around the world vulnerable.

In March 1915, when the Dreadnought battleship and the sister ship of the British Navy were located in the North Sea of Scotland, a German submarine suddenly surfaced and fired a torpedo at them. The torpedo hit the sister ship. The Dreadnought battleship immediately came to aid and split the submarine into two. This is the only example of a warship sinking submarine that we can learn so far.

In the near future, everyone began to implant part of Dreadnought’s design philosophy in their designs. The British also redesigned accordingly and eventually developed a warship called Super Dreadnought. Until now, naval war historians are still keen to talk about the design of warships before and after Dreadnought.

Martin D222 guitar

What makes it so extraordinary? In addition to its very fast speed, very light weight and great maneuverability, it also uses a turbo transmitter instead of a conventional reciprocating engine. The guns of the entire warship are also the same size, and it is also the first warship to be fully equipped with giant guns. Because of the strong interest in the Dreadnought warship, our Dreadnought-type guitar has been named after it, and it is so popular.

The Martin D-type guitar has always been the most sought-after body style in the world. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the classic D-type guitar (1916-2016), the D-222 100th Anniversary Edition guitar is limited. The original D-type guitar was designed and crafted by Martin Guitars in 1916. But it is exclusively listed in Boston and New York under the Oliver Ditson brand. Following the collapse of Ditson in the early 1930s, Martin introduced two D-type guitars, the D-1 and D-2, which are suitable for standard playing styles. Soon they evolved into the classic Martin D-18 and Martin D-28 models of Martin Guitar. For the past 100 years, Martin D-type guitars have defined the level of acoustic guitar and what should be achieved, and later became the world’s most popular acoustic guitar.

The D-222 was released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the D-type (1916-2016) guitar, with a limited edition of 100 guitars. The 12-fret D-type guitar is crafted from the Sitka spruce panel, featuring the Vintage Tone System, mahogany back and side panels, ivory white edging, classical headstock, ebony fingerboard and bridge. A tribute to the classic limited edition guitar is worthy of your cherished years!

Martin D222 guitar

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