Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendation – Martin 35 Series 

The Martin D-35 has always been a favorite of countless guitarists because it has the grand sound of the Dreadnought and the striking 3PC back design. Martin reinvented the legendary Martin D-35E (2018) in the direction of reimagined, still retaining the traditional sound of the iconic Dreadnought to create an incredible classic sound. If you are an acoustic guitar player who likes to enjoy classical instruments. But what is needed is a more modern, an electric guitar that can be used for performances or recordings, then the Martin D-35E (2018) will be a good choice!

martin d-35e guitar 2018

The beautiful 3PC back is an essential element of the Martin D35 guitar. This Martin D-35E (2018) uses high quality East Indian rosewood as the back and sides panels, and Sitka spruce as top wood.  It not only maintains the authenticity of the wood materials, but also provides the depth and sound intensity of the guitar. The guitar is equipped with the Fishman Aura VT Enhance pickup system to ensure that the Martin D-35E (2018) produces incredible volume amplification in live stage or studio environments.

martin d-35e guitar 2018

For beginners, the Martin D35E (2018) uses a forward-shifted bracing design. This gives the Dreadnought guitar, which already has a low and heavy tone, more low-frequency impact and greater strength.

In terms of playability, the Martin D-35E (2018)’s High Performance neck has a high-performance, stylish tapered design that makes it a more modern and comfortable finger-feel. From an aesthetic point of view, this guitar not only has a retro sound, the exterior features a retro-painted finish, vintage white edging and enamel pickguard for a timbre and look!

The Martin OM-35E (2018) guitar also has powerful power. Whether you are sweeping or playing solo, it is good at it. With superb craftsmanship, an excellent pickup system and reimagined innovations of 2018, this is a versatile guitar and will exceed your expectations. The Martin OM-35E features a beautiful Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood sides and back. Although smaller than the size of the D-type guitar, it also provides rich and full sound. The ebony fingerboard and bridge make the guitar sound more gorgeous and provide the impact it needs.

martin om-35e guitar 2018

This guitar’s Fishman Aura VT Enhance pickup system keeps the most natural sound while amplifying the volume so you can hear every detail in the performance. The Martin OM-35E (2018) has an obvious retro look: vintage paint finish, vintage white edging and enamel pickguards, very classic!

martin om-35e guitar 2018

Martin HD-35’s (2018) combination of the classic iconic Dreadnought and high quality East Indian rosewood sides and back, makes it a good guitar. Martin’s early Dreadnought guitar style determined the standard of acoustic guitar tones. Among these guitar series, the Martin D-28 is probably the most famous and most sought after.  In addition to the distinctive herringbone edging pattern, the forward-shifted scalloped x-bracing support top is also used to enhance the guitar volume and tone. Launched in 1965, the Martin D-35 is the first Martin guitar with a 3PC backplane. The Martin HD35 is unique in that it features the Martin D28’s forward-shifted scalloped x-bracing support top and the Martin D35’s 3PC backplane, which delivers impeccable visuals and incredibly powerful sound.

martin hd-35 guitar

The Martin HD-35 is also known for its fluency in performance and the stability of the fret wire.  Plek Pro is an advanced technology that controls the height and position of a wire when it is installed by a computer. This will allow your guitar silk to guarantee maximum durability while minimizing the chances of hitting, as well as the same comfort and precision when playing the stringing technique. 

Plek Pro technology guarantees that every note will be loud and clear, and the sound will be flawless, whether you play in the high or low position.

martin 35 series guitars

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